I went into my placement on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and then I went to observe Holly down in Newport News on Thursday. Tuesday was a really fun day because my Anatomy section was giving presentations on research projects that they had been doing. They each had to research a different disease and make a posterboard (like a science fair project) on their given disease, and then give a 10 minute presentation to part of the class. The class was split up into 3 different groups (similar to how we did our final presentations in EDUC F11 this summer with McEachron) and each group took turns presenting. I really enjoyed walking around and listening to each presentation, especially since they had gone into more depth about some of the diseases than I knew, so I was actually learning some new stuff as well.

The biology classes have been quite boring lately. My CT has had the students do so many genetic crosses in the past week that I’m surprised my students haven’t rebelled yet. However, it has been better for me since I get to walk around and help the students who are struggling with it rather than just hang out and observe. Furthermore, it’s also been good because I’ve been having more interactions with the students than I was before, so transitioning into student teaching should be easier now.

Lastly, I’ve gotten my first 2 weeks of lessons turned in to my CT and we’ve gone over them together, so now I’m working on revamping those as well as making all the notes and PPT slides up for those lessons. It’s just starting to hit me that I’m taking over this week. I’m getting nervous:(

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