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Student teaching, here we come

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I went into my placement on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and then I went to observe Holly down in Newport News on Thursday. Tuesday was a really fun day because my Anatomy section was giving presentations on research projects that they had been doing. They each had to research a different disease and […]


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Another week down. I did the second half of my microteaching on Monday, and then went in the next day for the anatomy sections’ eye dissections, which was a lot of fun. My microteaching went fairly well, but even after the second run through there were some changes I would still want to make. The […]

I’m so glad this week is over…

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I went in EVERY DAY this week, which is a great preview for student teaching. I was actually fairly pleased and received a compliment from my CT because she said she thinks I’m fully ready for student teaching. Last year she said she wouldn’t have let her student teacher start right away and wouldn’t have […]