Mitosis Activity

November 30th, 2010 | Uncategorized |

I did my activity for 2 different biology sections. I had them make a flip book of the phases of mitosis. However, I did leave a few things out that I changed from the first section to the second section. The first class seemed fairly bored with the activity. They had their pictures of mitosis from the notes, filled in the flip book template I had given them, and then cut them out. They all worked quietly, asking me for reference every now and then. Overall, they worked well, but just seemed bored. My CT gave me some feed back, saying that I could’ve had them color the flip books to keep them more entertained and to have them use different colors for different parts of the cells. Also, she said that I should’ve collected them at the end to make sure that they were indeed working on it instead of just pretending to. I used the feedback for the second period, but some of it backfired. For example, when I told the students I was collecting it, they seemed to think that everything about it had to be perfect. Therefore, they asked me countless times about what to draw, and essentially wanted me to draw all the pictures on the board and just have them copy down the pictures on their sheets. Because they weren’t sure what to draw, some of the students didn’t work on it at all. I thought it was ironic that I collected them to make sure that they did complete the flip book, but because they thought it had to be completely accurate,  more students didn’t want to do the activity and handed in incomplete flip books. This also frustrated me. I thought this would be a great hands-on “drawing-to-learn” activity, but all they cared about was getting the accurate finished product rather than enjoying the activity.

In the future, I hope that I can plan an activity that my students will enjoy more than this one. While at the end of the day I do believe they learned more about the process of mitosis, I would like them to enjoy learning about it more so than they did. Hopefully I will learn more through student teaching about which activities my students will enjoy and which they might not.

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