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November 18th, 2010 | Uncategorized |

Another week closer to Thanksgiving, and the end of the semester. I went in today and observed the first couple of periods. 1A was really fun because they had a test on the skeletal system, but it was an identification test, so we took the students to the KIVA (a pretty big conference room) and set up different tables with various bones that were labeled. I had a stopwatch and gave each student a minute and a half at each station to identify the bone(s) and then called switch. After a while it was quite mundane, but it’s still more than I usually get to do so I still enjoyed it. Next period was 2AB, biology, which is one of my favorite classes. I think it’s one of my favorites because it’s only 55 minutes and it feels like normal school to me (and by normal school, I mean what I grew up with). Although I understand the benefits of 90 minute classes (more time for activities and less time lost in transition), I still enjoy the shorter classes more. I’m really not sure why I do; maybe it’s just because that’s what I grew up with. Also, 2AB is a talkative bunch, but they’re nice kids. I’ve gotten to know them the best because I see them everyday that I observe rather than the other classes that sometimes I only get to see every other week or so. This proves to me that getting to know your students and feeling more comfortable with them helps you feel more comfortable in the classroom, which in turn will make you a better teacher.

After 2AB I went to do lunch duty with my CT. Lunch duty isn’t especially fun, but someone’s gotta do it. I basically just walk around the cafeteria and make sure no one does anything particularly juvenile. There are usually about 5-7 adults in there at a time, so it’s not like I have to be all over the cafeteria either. It’s can be a nice break from sitting in the classroom though, and it allows me to observe students in a non-classroom setting. After leaving the cafeteria, my CT has to go somewhere else on A days because one of the floating teachers, Mrs. Fletcher, has her room for 3rd period. Today, however, I sat in her room and observed Mrs. Fletcher. I don’t typically like to bad mouth experienced teachers, but let’s just say I hope to be more like my CT than her 10 years down the road.

After sitting through Mrs. Fletcher’s biology section, I went to meet with Mrs. Kolster, one of the special ed teachers. We went over an IEP for the S51 practicum. Mrs. Kolster is a very nice lady and I enjoyed meeting with her. I enjoy meeting new teachers at YHS in one-on-one settings like this because everybody is so nice there. She walked me through an IEP and described the entire process, which really makes me appreciate my academic strengths even more. Students with IEP’s seem to be very regulated throughout their entire schooling career and seem to have very little freedom, but the IEP’s do seem to work well. I learned a lot about the entire process.

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