Another week down

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I had a good week this time around. On Wednesday I went and observed Mr. Harker, the lead clinical faculty, for first period. He teaches English, and I happened to be there for a period when his freshmen English class was taking a test. At first I was bummed to hear that I was just going to sit there while they took a test, but I was very wrong. Mr. Harker has test-taking days down to a science (actually, he has most things down to a science). After the morning announcements, Mr. Harker reviewed for the test with his class, and then told them what the “post-test” activity was. He explained to me that on test days he has the entire class stay very quiet until the last person has finished because it’s very important that the room be silent for all the students while they’re taking their tests. If a student goes home and tells his or her parents that the room was too loud and that’s why they got a bad grade on a test, that is a valid complaint. So, Mr. Harker makes sure they have something to do right after the test until the end of the period. Also, Mr. Harker has a folder system for handing back papers. Every morning when the students come in, they check their folders for previous work before sitting down. This way he does not have to waste class time handing back papers. Another very smart thing that Mr. Harker does is make his own scantron answer sheets, and he punches holes over the correct answers on the answer keys. This way, he can just hold up the answer key over a test and can instantly see how many questions the student missed, which can cut down the time he spends grading by a lot. Of course, you have to look at each test individually to make sure students didn’t mark two or more answers for each question to beat the system. During the test, Mr. Harker and I sat and talked and he gave me lots of advice on being a teacher. He’s got a lot of experience and is an excellent teacher, so I was very appreciative for everything he had to say.

Afterward, I headed back to my CT’s room and observed her for the next 2 periods. I enjoy these classes, and they’re never boring. 2AB was reviewing photosynthesis and cellular respiration, so I was able to walk around and help them with worksheets and flashcards. 3B (anatomy) split into groups and went to different stations to observe different parts of the skeletal system. This class period made me realize that I need to review my anatomy before I start student teaching because there were many bones that I was not able to identify, but with some review I should be fine. My CT said that I’ll more than likely be teaching the nervous system and the muscular system, as well as maybe one or two of the sensory systems. I’m quite excited for these!

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  1. Chemists have Solutions

    I am very interested in the folder system that Mr. Harker implemented. Did every student have their own folder? Were they color coded for different periods? Was there a folder backup when students entered the classroom to pickup their folders? Do the students turn in their assignments into their folder?

    I realize that taking class time to handout back materials can be wasteful, however I do wonder how much extra time it takes on the teachers end to sort the papers into the folders?

  2. He has a different box for each period, and yes, each student has his or her own folder. I went to observe first period so the kids trickled in, so no there was not a back up at the folders, and no, the students did not turn their work into the folder (it’s strictly for handing back papers).

  3. I think this folder system could work very well and not take extra time for teachers to sort papers. One strategy might be for students to have a number to make it easier to put papers in order. Then you can have the papers already in the same order as the folders. Organization can save you a lot of time!

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