Week 8 Reflection

November 5th, 2010 | Uncategorized |

Another week closer to Thanksgiving!! Is anybody else excited for that too? I walked down the halls of York High School on Wednesday and Thursday of this past week. I’ve found that walking down the hallway is one of the weirdest parts of being in the school for me. In high school I would always walk with friends, hang out and chill in our regular spot, say “hey what’s up” to people walking by, but now I just walk in and straight to my classroom. Even when I see students in the halls that I have in my class, only a handful actually say “oh hey what’s up Mr. Brooks?” Once I get to the classroom I’ll usually stand outside the door until the bell rings like many teachers do just to keep an eye on the hallway. This is also pretty funny because students will always come up to me asking “When is Mrs. Ellis coming back?” or “Is Mrs. Ellis coming in at all today?”  When I tell them that she’s in the classroom and I’m not subbing, they just look at me like with blank stares and say “Ok” and walk right on in (I can’t tell if they’re excited about that or not; maybe when I start student teaching I’ll find out if my students actually like me or not).

On Wednesday my CT did a lot of lecturing. Her section of Anatomy just took notes the whole time and her sections of Biology reviewed for their tests the next day. Since there’s not a lot for me to do when she’s just lecturing, she gave me some papers to grade. Typically I don’t like to do busy work (especially other people’s busy work) but I was very happy she asked me to grade simply because it gave me something to do. I do enjoy going to school 2 days a week to see my CT at work, but just sitting and listening while she talks and they take notes is just plain boring. I got to grade her anatomy sections’ book work on the different types of tissue in the body, and I finished up just as class was finishing up, so it worked out pretty well.

Thursday I got to do a little more. Her biology sections took the test that they reviewed for on Wednesday, so I was able to help her pass out tests and walk around the classroom to answer questions. Answering questions is a fun part of being a teacher. I looked over the test she gave right after passing them out, and got to feel very smart since I knew all the answers (I guess it’s good to know the material if I’m going to teach it!) When students raised their hands for help, I walked right on over and did my best to clarify everything for them without giving up the answer, which can be a challenge sometimes. I also witnessed my CT send a student to ATS (in-school suspension). The student walked out of the classroom to get a drink of water without asking, and when my CT walked out after him she asked to talk to him in the hallway. He got an attitude, so she tried to close the door to make him stay in the hall, but he grabbed the door, slammed it open and walked right by her. She immediately got on the phone and called the office for an administrator, and he was gone shortly after. It baffles me that students can get so worked up over such small things, but I guess that’s just something I’ll have to learn to deal with as I grow as a teacher.

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  1. When your CT “lectures” how do the students respond to that? Are they interested and engaged? Or not? Is this how you envision your classroom? I’m just curious what your opinion is of what you are seeing.

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