Reflection, Week 7

October 29th, 2010 | Uncategorized |

I had a different week than usual this time. I went in on Wednesday and observed 2 different teachers rather than my CT. I observed a freshmen earth science class and an upperclassmen Chemistry class. They were incredibly different from each other and from what I had been observing in Biology. The freshmen earth science was a great experience. The teacher, Mrs. Kelly, is amazing! She was so positive and enthusiastic the entire period, even though all she had them doing was vocabulary and taking notes. At the beginning of the notes, she reviewed what they had learned last period, and started out by saying that she had bumped her head the night before and forgot everything she taught them, so she needed their help to remember. One of the students yelled out “Again!?” I laughed:) This class is an inclusion class, and has a special ed paraprofessional in there as well, but Mrs. Kelly is so good with the students, I don’t even think that the special ed teacher is necessary. She kept saying things like “I like the way that almost everybody has started their vocabulary list” rather than saying “Jake, get started on your vocab!” The students stayed focused the entire period and got everything done, even the ones that I could tell had special needs. I went straight from there to the upperclassmen Chemistry class with Mr. Keys. The students really seem to like him as well. This class was fairly boring to observe because all it entailed was going over homework on the board (q=m*c*delta T) and then doing some problems on their own. However, I was very impressed with the students. If I were in high school, I would’ve done a problem or two and then sat and talked or did other homework, but his students were very focused and actually did the problems, asking him for help as well as other students if needed.

I also went in on Thursday, but all I did then was interview the guidance counselor for Dr. deFur’s assignment. I did enjoy my interview though. The guidance counselor, Mrs. Highland, is actually taking classes at W&M also to get her second Master’s degree. We talked for about 45 minutes, even got a little off topic for a bit just joking around. I feel confident that she will be a great resource for me when I’m student teaching if I need help with anything.

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  1. Yay! Sounds like Mrs. Kelly is a teacher I could really aspire to be! I hate vocab and hate to admit that it is necessary, but its nice to know that it can be done in a positive way!!

  2. I had exactly the same experience when I visited an inclusion class (with Justin’s CT actually!) She was sooo good about giving the students positive reinforcement (e.g.,“I like the way that almost everybody has started their vocabulary list”) rather than calling specific students out for not being prepared. My natural inclination is towards the explicit, so I’m going to have to constantly stop myself from calling students out! Yay metacognition!

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