This was the first time in 3 weeks that I got to go and just observe my teacher (3 weeks ago was microteaching, 2 weeks ago I substituted, and last week was fall break). However, it was quite boring. Her anatomy sections just worked on an online case study about cancer, where half the students pretended they were doctors and the other half pretended they were patients. They then had to research different aspects of cancer and cancer treatments and write papers based on their prospective roles: the doctors had to give advice to the patients on what treatments to follow and the patients had to investigate which treatment option they wanted to follow. This research and paper writing left little time for teaching, so I basically walked around and made sure they weren’t on Facebook the whole time. Her biology sections are starting to learn about cells (woohoo!). As much fun as cells can be, listening to my CT lecture about the scientists who first learned about cells (and listening to her mispronounce the namesL) is not quite as fun. She started by having them read the book and fill out a chart on the different scientists achievements, and then read some more and fill out another chart on the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. I was walking around as they were filling out the charts, and most of them were very confused about many aspects of the differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes because our textbook is quite elementary and did not explain them very well.  I did my best to help out, but I don’t think they had a good grasp on prokaryotes vs. eukaryotes when they left. Hopefully she’ll clarify this up before I come back next week.

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