Practicum Reflection, Week 3

September 24th, 2010 | Uncategorized |

I had a fun week this time. I went in on Wednesday morning, and ran some errands for my CT before school started, like checking her mailbox and taking work to ATS (in-school suspension). Then I got to stand in the hallway outside of her classroom to keep an eye on students walking around (I felt like a real adult! Haha). Then during her first period class I got to do some grading (her students were taking a test that period, so there wasn’t much to observe anyway). Grading was actually pretty fun, and when I handed back the tests I graded to her anatomy class (an upperclassmen class) I got to listen to all of them complain about “Why did I get points taken off for spelling” and “What’s wrong with this answer”. For one answer that a student didn’t know, he actually put “IDKMyBFFJill?”, which made me laugh.

I went back on Thursday, and again got to stand in the hallway to feel like an adult. On Thursday my goal was to learn most of my students’ names. My CT printed off a seating chart for me, so while she taught I sat and tried to memorize their names. Then for her anatomy class, they looked at slides of epithelial tissue under microscopes, so I got to walk around and help the students focus the microscopes (many of the students were impressed at my awesome microscope skills, so I felt cool again). That really helped me bond with some of the students and learn even more of their names, as well as help me learn their personalities too.

I’m going back on Monday to sub for my CT, which I’m pretty nervous about. Wish me luck!

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  1. Haha “idkmybffjill?!”- I love students and their crazy personalities! Seeing how students interact and how each one of them has something unique to add to the class dynamic has been one of my favorite things about observing so far. (That, and feeling super cool because I know way more about them than rocks, and in your case, microscopes! Last week, I got to explain how geodes form and for just a minute the kids thought rocks were cool). Good luck subbing tomorrow!

  2. Should I be frightened that I understand (sort of) IDKMyBFFJill? Oh, BTW, you are a hero for working on learning your students’ names! Good for you. Be sure to provide some sympathy for the WJCC folks who’ll have to learn all new names in January (semester block).

    Wow, subbing already! Great experience, looking forward to hearing more.

  3. It sounds like you experienced some things that teachers have to do every day. Duty periods and grading are part of the routine. Did you notice anything about how your CT arranges student seating? Any purposeful seating arrangements? What were the students trying to learn about the epithelial tissue from this investigation?

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