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Practicum Reflection

I have yet to get out to my school (first day will be on Wednesday), so instead I’m going to talk about my expectations. After going to my school’s website and my teacher’s section, I do have some initial thoughts. My school has roughly 1000 students, with the majority being white (there seems to be very little diversity).  My hometown school is also about 1000 students, majority white,  so hopefully I’ll feel right at home! The school is fully accredited and has made AYP for all the years they show on the website (the past 2), and are in the at least the 90th percentile for all of their test scores.  I am going to assume that this means I’ll have strong students (for the most part).

My teacher teaches 3 sections of General Biology and 2 sections of Biology 2/Anatomy. I’m slightly nervous about the anatomy section, since I only took one semester of anatomy in college, but luckily I kept my textbook so I’ll be reading that in my spare time to brush up on things.

Since this is very similar to my hometown high school, I hope that I can feel comfortable in the classroom relatively quickly. I’m very much looking forward to making it out there on Wednesday, and hopefully next week I’ll have something more interesting to blog!

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