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Transpiration Lab Rubric

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Practicum Reflection, Week 3

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I had a fun week this time. I went in on Wednesday morning, and ran some errands for my CT before school started, like checking her mailbox and taking work to ATS (in-school suspension). Then I got to stand in the hallway outside of her classroom to keep an eye on students walking around (I […]

lesson plan draft

September 19th, 2010 | Uncategorized | No comments I’m not really experienced with google docs, so if the link doesn’t work can someone let me know?

Spongebob Safety!!

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Worksheet created by T. Trimpe 2003 Scientific Method Name ________________________ Science Safety Rules The Bikini Bottom gang has been learning safety rules during science class. Read the paragraphs below to find the broken safety rules and underline each one. How many can you find? SpongeBob, Patrick, and Gary were thrilled when Mr. Krabbs gave […]

Practicum reflection numero dos

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I was finally able to go to my school this week, and I had an interesting couple of days. My initial meeting was supposed to be with Mr. Harker, the lead clinical faculty, and Ms. Fox, the Principal, but Ms. Fox had a situation arise and was never able to join us. After about 45 […]

Inquiry and NSES Analysis/Lab

September 13th, 2010 | Uncategorized | No comments (the spaces in the link are underscores) This lab demonstrates rates of transpiration in plants. Transpiration is water vapor being evaporated from the plant, similar to sweating in animals, and occurs mainly off of the leaves. This lab deals with two questions about transpiration: 1) What role does the number or size of the […]

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Practicum Reflection I have yet to get out to my school (first day will be on Wednesday), so instead I’m going to talk about my expectations. After going to my school’s website and my teacher’s section, I do have some initial thoughts. My school has roughly 1000 students, with the majority being white (there seems […]