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Science, Philosophy, and Vision

High school science for me consisted of Earth Science, general and AP Biology, general and AP Chemistry, and Physics.  Even though I love science, I do not have too many fond memories of these classes. Frankly, they were quite boring. They consisted of a lot of note-taking, a lot of time listening to lectures, and a lot of time studying outside of class. However, I enjoyed these classes more than my other classes because they deal with actual facts and issues that matter. My teachers discussed how biology relates to health issues, how chemistry can relate to medications, and so forth. These real life applications that my teachers used as examples are more than likely why I love science as much as I do now.

In my future classroom, I hope to have all of my students’ attention and to make everything as interesting as possible to them. As an example, I’ll use a lesson on evolution. First, I’ll get my students’ attention by showing a clip from the best show ever, “Friends”. In season two there is an episode where Ross, a paleontologist, tries to prove to Phoebe, the most eccentric character, that evolution is a fact. Phoebe will never admit that Ross is right. I can use this clip to lead into actual evolutionary facts, and to say that even if my students do not believe in evolution, I will teach it as a fact. The clip and short discussion should give me their full attention and get them interested in the topic, so then I will discuss natural selection, mutations, genetic drift, and gene flow in terms of human characteristics to make it more relevant to them and hopefully easier to understand.

I hope to become the teacher in this scene by getting to know all of my students and what their interests are. To quote the movie “Road Trip”, Ruben says to Josh “I can teach Japanese to a monkey in 46 hours. The key is just finding a way to relate to the material.” For example, if my students love baseball, I can show how natural selection relates to baseball players. First of all, obviously, only the best players make it to the big leagues (they’re naturally selected over the not-so-good players), and secondly, even in the majors, the average heights and weights of players has increased over time, meaning that players nowadays have to be bigger and stronger than ever before to make it.

In this class, I hope to gain a better understanding of what it means to be a science teacher. Even though I feel confident in my subject material, I still have no experience in teaching that subject material, especially to those select students who have no interest to learn it. I would like to learn how to teach the students who do not necessarily enjoy the material.

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